Bayou Blue Jazz et Compagnie 2020

Ilene Martinez & Thierry C.
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About Bayou Blue Jazz & Compagnie:

Until further notice, our weekly show “Bayou Blue Jazz & Cie” will be featuring a European jazz artist.

Discover the new European jazz generation’s most exciting artists.


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Bayou Blue Jazz et Compagnie with Laurent David

Part 1

Laurent David – Groovin High
Yvan Robillard, Laurent David & Eric Echampard – Spirit
Laurent David – Out Of Kilter – Move It on Earth
Yvan Robillard, Laurent David & Eric Echampard – Space
Shijin – Smells Funny
Metalica – The Unforgiven (live)

Part 2

Shijin – New Neighborhood
Shijin – Anemoi
Shijin – The Edgewater Hotel
Laurent David – Spherial Bastard
Laurent David – From The Caves Of The Quram
Pink Floyd – Money
Yvan Robilliard, Laurent David, Eric Echampard – Space

Part 3

Laurent David – Pluto Is Not Just Rock
Laurent David – Ax & Spear
Laurent David – Vandermeer
Yvan Robilliard, Laurent David, Eric Echampard – Sphere E
M&T@L (live) – Maxime Zampieri & Thomas Puybasset et Laurent David
0:02 / 7:27
Laurent David – The Way Things Go @ JAZZ STATION (Bruxelles) -” FOURTY »
Laurent David – Big Foot
Laurent David – Spherial Bastard

Bayou Blue Jazz et Compagnie with Reggie Washington

Part 1
Reggie Washington – Moanin’
Reggie Washington – Always Moving
Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis – The Music of Wayne Shorter – Teru
Gino Sitson – Echo Chambers
Out Now: The Lost American Jazzbook – Jaz & The Bebop
Reggie Washington – The Mooche
Chico Hamilton – The Baron (Live)
Reggie Washington – Morning

Part 2
Reggie Washington – It Aint Hard To You
Archie Shepp – Blues For Brother George
Reggie Washington – Cake
Céline Bonacina – Friends & Neighbours Too
Christian McBride – Sister Rosa

Part 3

Reggie Washington – Mr Pastorius
Reggie Washington – Requiem pour un con
Serge Gainsbourg – Requiem pour un con
Reggie Washington – Take The Coltrane
Reggie Washington – Living

Part 4

Reggie Washington – Silence
E.J Strickland – Wariors for Peace
Reggie Washington – Eleanor Rigby
Reggie Washington – Half Position
Reggie Washington – E.S.P
Reggie Washington – Cake

Part 5

Reggie Washington – Fanny’s Toy
Paul Jost – Everybody’s Talkin’
Steely Dan – Babylon Sisters
Reggie Washington – Reuben’s 2 Train
Miles Davis – Intro MD1 – Something’s On Mind – MD2
Michelle Lordi – Poor Bird
Reggie Washington – For You Jef

Part 6

Reggie Washington – Fall
Reggie Washington – Strange Meeting
Mike Stern & Jeff Lorber – Jones Street
Al Jarreau – « Flame » at North Sea Jazz Festival
Reggie Washington – Afro Blue
Robin McKelle – No Ordinary Love
Reggie Washington – Bambou

Bayou Blue Jazz et Compagnie with Paul Jost

Part 1
Paul Jost – Singing In The Rain
Paul Jost – Caravan
Larry McKenna & Pete Smyser
Paul Jost – Everybody’s Talkin’
Céline Bonacina – Borderline
Paul Jost – Gentle Rain
Michelle Lordi – Lover Man
Paul Jost – Give Me a Simple Life

Part 2
Paul Jost – Waltz for Debby
Paul Jost – With a Little Help From My Friends
TJP – Whiter Shade Of Pale
Paul Jost – If I Only Had a Brain
Reggie Washington – Fall
E.J Strickland quintet – Abandoned Discovery
TJP – Hush

Part 3
Paul Jost – I Don’t Need No Dr
Paul Jost – If I Only a Brain
Paul Jost – Everybody’s Talking
TJP – Tuesday Afternoon
Post Image with John Greaves – Smile
Nat King Cole – Sometimes I’m Happy
Michele Hendricks – Airmail Special
Sinatra & Jobim – Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars
Paul Jost – This Nearly Was Mine

Part 4
Paul Jost – Grirl From The North Country
Randy Newman – I Loce L.A
Randy Newman – Marie
Paul Jost – Livin’ In The Wrong Time
TJP – Time of The Season
Adams Family Theme
TJP – Shenandoa
Ray Charles – No Time To Waste Time
Paul Jost – I Got Rhythm
Paul Jost – Folks Who Live On The Hill

Bayou Blue Jazz et Compagnie with Maci Miller

Maci Miller
CD: Round Midnight (2019)
CD: A Very Good Night