International Music 2020

International Music

Presented by Thierry C.

Voice: Ilene Martinez

Paris hour

Monday: 3 am

Tuesday: 1 pm

Wednesday: 11 pm

Thursday: 3 am

Friday: 4 am

Saturday: 3 pm




Guest: Médéric Collignon
Interviewed by Thierry

Playlist Part 1:
Médéric Collignon:
Gone (Live)
Prayer (Oh Doctor Jesus) Bess, You Is My Woman Billy Preston

Playlist Part 2:
Médéric Collignon:
21st Century Schizoid Man Bitches Brew
Shhh Peaceful-It’s About That Lark’s Tongues In Aspic II
Miles Davis – Well You Need’nt

Playlist Part 3:
Médéric Collignon:
Vrooom Vrooom
Frame by Frame
Dangerous Curves / Incursion Facts Of life

Playlist Part 4:
Médéric Collignon:
Dirty Harry’s Creed
Snow Creatures
The Pelham’s-moving-again Blues
Scorpio’s Theme (Live – extrait)
Money Runner

Playlist Part 5:
Médéric Collignon:
Miles Davis – Sonya
Listen to The Silence
Ilene Martinez – Tiny Lights
Grazzia Giu – Try Again
Jaco Pastorius – Punk Jazz


Guest: Jean-Charles Guichen
Interviewed by Thierry

Playlist Part 1:
Jean-Charles Guichen:
Aouernant Ruz
Ar mor o kanan
Gavotenn al levenez
Solo de l’Ankou Live @ Morlaix
Driest Mor Ha Douar

Playlist part 2:
Alan Stivell – Tri Martolod
Jean-Charles Guichen & Dan Ar Braz – The Breton Roots Denez Prigent – Mille Hent
Jean-charles Guichen & Denez Prigent – An dourdu
Jean Charles Guichen – Ar mor o kanan
Jean Charles Guichen – Breiz Ankou
Fred Guichen – Koad Gwernaon
Layla Zoe – Backstage Queen (live)

Playlist part 3:
Jean-Charles Guichen – Breizh Nevez
Trust – Antisocial
Jean-Charles Guichen – The Breton Roots
Jean-Charles Guichen – Argoad
Marquis – Sanctuary
Jean-Charles Guichen – Bro Cozh Ma Zadaou


Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado – Come on in
Kirk Fletcher – Hold On
BAI KAMARA JR & The Voodoo Sniffers – Salone
Aziz Sahmaoui & University of Gwana – Poetic Trance
Josephine Beavers – Prime Time
The Experience Live Album Lewade “Big Wade” Milliner
Richie Love – New Horizons
Sayag Jazz Machine – Quantic Jumpin
Morris Mills – The Dawn
Veronica Swift – Confessions


Yeliz Trio – Moon Palace (new)
Eric Chapuis (Chapson) – Requiem pour une Psychose (new)
Mindi Abair – Stars (new)
Gary Clark Jr – This Land (new)
Leonard Cohen – Thanks For The Dance (new)
Sara Gazarek- Thirsty Ghost
Thundercat – Drunk (new)
Shawn Colvin-Steady On 30th Anniversary Acoustic Edition
Yoshi Di Original – C’est Pour Vous ! (new)
Carmen Souza – The Silver Messengers (new)