Here is another very high quality album that has just been added to Bayou Blue Radio’s playlist. Flamboyant and resolutely modern, it shows that Michelle Lordi has a soul of a rocker in velvet gloves, leading her to jazz.

This beautiful voice stands out and and seizes attention, taking us across Hollywood-esque scenery, from one track to another. We could imagine any of these titles on the soundtrack of a film by the late François Truffaut, and find it natural. She is accompanied by an incredible team of musicians, including David Bowie’s collaborator, Donny McCaslin (saxophone), but also Tim Motzer (guitar / electronics), Matthew Parrish (production / arrangements) and Rudy Royston (drums). If this album had had a European release, it would certainly be successful, considering how much specialized record labels are looking for this kind of artist… But only if they were allowed total freedom.

This is precisely what strikes us about this album: freedom of creation and an immense complicity between voice and music, working perfectly together. Just like Maci Miller’s beautiful album, we note that Michelle Lordi’s art is more than simply singing technique… There is a quality of the interpretation which is simply Art, with a capital “A”, the kind of thing that you and I love, that is to say, the love of a job well done … This feeling of being wonderfully balanced between jazz, rock and folk, carried off by this incredible voice that you will shake you to your foundations on a title like “No Expectations”.

So, yes, another “indispensible” from Bayou Blue Radio & Paris-Move, and that’s normal, since week after week we search the web and make contacts wherever we discover beautiful things.


Thierry Docmac
Bayou Blue Radio – Paris-Move

PARIS-MOVE, November 17th 2019

Michelle Lordi website HERE

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