Ilene Martinez – CD Reason by Frankie Pfeiffer (Paris Move)

No doubt, it was for good “Reasons” that American troubadour Ilene Martinez took her time to deliver this opus. Good things come to those who wait, and perhaps the singer needed to let inspiration slowly seep into her, extracting the quintessence and composing ten tracks out of the eleven on the album. ??

With this beautiful opus, Ilene Martinez does not so much impose her talent as distill it, with a tenacious desire to present only the highest quality songs. Therefore, this work is surprisingly mature. There are no covers to fill the CD or to demonstrate that she has the same talent as this or that star. No, it is the charming Ilene Martinez who wrote lyrics and music for the ten tracks on this album, completing the collection with a traditional song, “Pretty Saro,” which Ilene interprets with sensitivity and her own approach.

The first song alone hooks you in, because it contains all the magic and musical luminosity that Ilene Martinez has to offer. Especially Maxime Perrin’s masterful accordion, which envelops you sublimely, and knows how to pull back when it’s time for Celine Bonacina’s saxophone or Olivier Mugot’s guitar to step out in front.?? The songs are realistically melancholy, pierced with truths and realities that will make you reflect on our so-called “modern” era and relationships with others.

Some songs will stir your gut, or heart, and others will make you soar in a sky as blue as the one featured on the album’s cover. Ilene Martinez’s voice and fingers contain the magic of troubadours that will break your heart and make you cry… then make you smile your widest smile and put a sparkle in your eye. There are eleven gold nuggets here, but very sincerely, we would have liked to hear more. When is the double album coming out, Ilene…? Surely when the young woman’s songs have seen the light of day for long enough, she will no longer be able to keep them for herself and will feel obligated to share them with us.??Now, for the mainstream media to do their job and to publicize “Reasons,” because without a doubt, Ilene Martinez deserves recognition. I know few artists who know how to bring you to tears and make you smile at the same time, and Ilene is one of them. Indispensable, truly indispensable!

Frankie Pfeiffer
Editor in chief – Paris-Move

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