Bayou Blue Jazz 2021

Paris time

Monday: 10:50 am
Tuesday: 8 am
Wednesday: 9:30 pm
Friday: 1 am
Saturday: 6 am & 7:10 pm
Sunday 2 pm

*Bayou BLue Jazz et Compagnie and Bayou Blue Jazz are on 1 St Sky Omaha, JazzBox Radio International & Velay FM.

*Every Sunday at 2 pm (Paris hour)



Myles Sanko – Memory Of Love



Gerald Albright – G-Stream
Lafayette Gilchrist – Now
Miguel Zenon & Luis Perdomo – El Arte Del Bolero
Clifton Anderson – Been Down This Road Before
Willie Bradley – It’s My Time
Andrea Assayot (Quilibri) – Tempi Straordinari
Yoko Miwa Trio – Songs Of Joy
(various artists) – The Jazz All Stars Vol.1
JJ Sansaverino – Style & Elegance
Najee – Center f The Heart
Leon Lee Dorsey – Thank You Mr Mabern
Amanda Tosoff – Earth Voices
Andy James – Tu Amor
Allan Harris – Kate’s Soulfood
Myles Sanko – Streams Of Love (single)




Brian Culbertson – album XX
The Jellybean Johnson Experience – Get Experienced
Ben Rosenblum Nebula Project – Kites And Strings
Jaco Parmentier Group – Après L’Orage
Bootsy Collins – The Power of the One
Alicia Keys – ALICIA
Sandro Zefara – Last Night When We Where Young
Stéphane Edouard – Pondicergy
Naïssam Jalal – Un Autre Monde
Vincent Touchard and Stephen Binet – Happy Hours
Bazin’ Quartet – Sleeping Beauty
Larry Coryell & Phillip Catherine – Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic XI – The Last Call
Joachim Kühn – Touch the Light
Emmet Cohen – Future Stride
Alberto Parmegiani – Soul Hunters
Marcello Rosa – The World On a Slide
Ciki Forchetti – Dream

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