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Like every year, Bayou Blue Radio will go on hiatus June 30th.

We are moving in a few months, so our shows will normally resume in October, the time to set up our new studio in the USA.

However, “Albums of the month” will continue for July and August.

More music this summer, new programs in the fall and new scheduling for Europe and the USA.


August 2021

Soon – Bientôt

Bayou Blue News:
Monday – Lundi 02h15 PM
Wednesday – Mercredi 10:00 PM
Saturday – Samedi 2:00 PM

Presented by Ilene Martinez & Thierry C.

Bayou Blue Jazz:
Monday – Lundi 10:20 AM
Thursday – Jeudi 7:00 AM
Saturday – Samedi 7:10 PM
Sunday – Dimanche 3:00 PM

Presented by Ilene Martinez

Bayou Blue Jazz et Cie:
Tuesday – Mardi 9:00 PM
Friday – vendredi 11:00 AM
Sunday – Dimanche 01:00 PM

Presented by Thierry C.
International Music:
Monday – Lundi 6:05 PM
Wednesday – Mardi 7:00 AM
Thursday – Jeudi 7:00PM
Friday – Vendredi 6:15 PM

presented by

JfUnGk , Sista Kataklysm & Paul Beee

Tuesday: Mardi 3:00 PM
Wednesday: Mercredi 2.15 PM
Friday: Vendredi 10:15 PM
Sunday – Dimanche 7:00 PM

The Blues Vault:
Presented by Miss Debbie
Monday – Lundi 7:00 AM
Tuesday – Mardi 5:00 PM
Thursday – Jeudi 10:00 AM

The Saturday Morning Song Chronicles

De Paul B Allen III

Disponible en version française!


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